The Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society is the oldest Carnivorous Plant Society in the USA.  Founded by some of the legends of the Carnivorous Plant Community, the BACPS has always been fortunate to have some of the most renown Carnivorous Plant enthusiasts in the world as members.  Without the BACPS, I doubt I would be growing Carnivorous Plants today.  The BACPS holds meeting throughout the year at several locations including the botanical gardens at the University of California Berkeley, The Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, the prestigious nursery of California Carnivores, and several local libraries in the South and East Bay Area. Then there is, of course, our outstanding annual Show and Sale every June at Lake Merritt in Downtown Oakland. Don't miss it!  

The next meeting of the BACPS will be:

Saterday, August 17th.  California Carnivores will host the annual potluck at their nursery in Sebastopol, CA.  Bring food (if you can) and come hang out.  The event starts at noon and will feature a presentation by Fernando Rivadavia.  Fernando always has interesting facts and observations from the field to share with us.  California Carnivores is a destination in unto itself.  I used to go there every week for what seems like years to buy new plants and talk with Peter.  

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