If you want to successfully grow carnivorous plants, there are a few necessities.

  1. WATER: Carnivorous Plants require water that is low in minerals for long term success. Most municipal water supplies are not suitable for growing Carnivorous Plants. Distilled Water and Reverse Osmosis Water is widely available and is the best option for successful long term cultivation of Carnivorous Plants.
  2. SOIL: Carnivorous Plants need an acidic soil that is both porous and water retentive. The most common soil mix that is suitable for many Carnivorous Plants is a mix of Peat Moss and Sand. Peat Moss is acidic and holds moisture well. Sand provides porosity and drainage. There are numerous combinations being used by Carnivorous Plant growers which may include portions of lava rock, perlite, pumice stone, vermiculite, and Sphagnum Moss. When deciding on your soil mix, things to consider are; frequency of watering, humidity, and exposure to light.
  3. LIGHT: Most Carnivorous Plants need a high amount of light which may be provided by natural or artificial means. Plants from our nursery are grown under strong artificial light which equates to being grow under partial sunlight. When transitioning plants from artificial to natural light it must be done gradually to avoid shock to the plant.

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