The 2018 BACPS Show and Sale

August 3-5 2018, the BACPS (with help from our CP Society neighbors and a bunch of volunteers) hosted the 2018 ICPS Conference.  Accordingly, we turned our Annual Show and Sale into a two day event for the first time to coincide with the conference.  The turnout was huge and the show plants reached a whole new level.  I was lucky enough to be there to meet many of the amazing people who attended.  Thank you all for such a memorable birthday weekend.  Oh ya, it just happened to also be my birthday!!!! This birthday may prove hard to beat!!! 



My table was ready to go and there were plenty of people waiting to buy their first or newest CP.


It was bittersweet having the ICPS Conference so close - but with a growing CP business, I needed to man the sales table throughout the weekend.  Thank you ICPS attendees. 


Of course when it's your birthday, family always shows up.  When my glamorous cousin arrived, she dressed up the table and made sure I had lunch.  


In addition to the interesting folks who came to buy plants, I met the fun bunch of people who were my fellow vendors.  I bet this is exactly what a Pitcher Plant sees as the snails move in.


A lot of the time there was a constant flow of people wanting to talk CP's, but I still found time to meet with old friends and make new ones!  Looking great Pablo.  I want your shirt.


I got to meet Aaron M. Ellison, the lead editor and author of Carnivorous Plants: Physiology, Ecology and Evolution.  I'm only on chapter 3, but it is already my favorite CP book.  Thank you Aaron!!


This is one of the most memorable moments of the conference. Old and new friends combine into a super moment.  From right to left: Peter D' Amato, the man, the legend, who sold me my first CP; me, holding two specimens of Pinguicula 'John Rizzi'; and John Rizzi himself, one of my newest CP friends.  Full blown starstruck!

Then there were the Show Plants!!  They were truly inspiring.  The quality and quantity of show plants in the past few years has left me in awe.  Just take a look at these displays. 

dscf4358.jpg I think I see 8 different species here in this majorly award winning planting.  


A group of striking Pygmy Drosera.


Three spectacular, well grown Petiolaris Sundews.  Wow, not an easy accomplishment!!!


Holy dew drops, this Dewey Pine is a powerhouse of bug death.


This Dewey Pine is obviously many seasons old.  An accomplishment in itself!!


The art category was dominated by a Nepenthes, made of yarn?  Crocheted in intricate detail, aging pitchers and all.  If I hadn't seen this artists' work before I wouldn't have believed it.  No picture does it justice.  Great job Rebecca!


Beautifully grown Pinguicula moranensis in an abalone shell.  Very cool.


Wow, what a mix of Butterworts there are in this bowl.  And the enormous red flower is like the "bow" on top. Perfect.


There were many large, well grown Venus Flytraps duking it out for ribbons in the Dionaea category!


I know you noticed this guy in the corner of the photo above.  What a creative planting here!!! The presentation was great, with the plants elevated directly to eye level.  It made a unique viewing of the flowering Utricularia. 


Then came this jaw dropping Utricularia alpina.


The flowers were massive.


Another impressive Butterwort Bowl.  Do you also count 15 plants?


Nepenthes ampullaria is a unique species.


These Butterworts were arranged in a very artistic pot that was shaped like a clam shell. 



This extensive Butterwort planting, grown by BACPS member Steven Davis, is one of the largest and most diverse I've ever seen!!



And another multiple award winning display grown by BACPS member Doris Quick.  Doris is also responsible for a couple of the other Butterwort plantings you just saw.  She is the one to beat in the Butterwort category.  Next year I will give it my best.