Carnivorous Plants In California- Northwestern Plumas County

Carnivorous Plants are native to many of these amazing United States.  One such state is California.  Behold the Carnivorous Plants of Northwestern Plumas County, California.  I have traveled extensively in California in search of Carnivorous Plants so I'll need to divide my adventures by location.

Firstly, we travel to Northwestern Plumas County, to a small lake full of wonder.  We are now in the shadow of the mighty volcano called Mt. Lassen.

Here lies a beautiful lake, rimmed with a floating "mat" of Sphagnum and surrounded by Sugar Pines (Pinus lambertiana), the world's tallest pines, which have VERY large cones!


The sound of the cones hitting the ground could be heard from across the lake and was an almost constant occurrence.

Living atop the Sphagnum we find our prize.  Drosera anglica growing in large numbers throughout the moss.

There are many individuals in this colony of Drosera anglica! They're like rubies in an emerald sea.

I also found a few Drosera rotundifolia.

The views from the lake, the Sphagnum and the Drosera were certainly the stars of the show.  There were other plants growing nearby that were also of interest!

Platanthera dilatata var. leocostachys, The Sierra Bog Orchid.

Spiraea douglasii, Douglas' Spiraea.

Triantha occidentalis, Western False Asphodel.


Nuphar polysepala, Rocky Mountain Pond Lily, the only waterlily native to California.