Sarracenia Photos

My Sarracenia are looking great this year.  Plenty of large pitchers up and already there is nice coloration on some.  If you live in an area where you can grow Sarracenia, which I believe is any temperate climate, you really should! They have spectacular flowers that are the biggest of any Carnivorous Plant.  Watching the pitchers grow taller and wider and waiting for them to "pop" is very exciting.  They are also some of the most gluttonous CP's, decimating small to large flying insects of all types.  We are currently propagating many Sarracenia that will be available for purchase in the future. As of now, I have divisions and overflow from my collection from time to time on ebaydscf0004.jpg


Sarracenia flava var. cuprea.  Seed grown from ICPS seed.  I've been waiting a while for these babies to mature.  It was well worth the wait.  I can't wait to see the development of the colors on this plant.


Sarracenia 'Red Ruffles'.  One of my first Sarracenia. This is a hybrid between S. purpurea and S. purpurea var. venosa.  The pitchers' tubes become a dark red while the contrasting green/yellow hood remains while developing a redish background that bleeds from the prominent veins.  


One of my mixed plantings with S. minor 'Okee Giant' and D. binata 'Dichotomata Giant'.  This planting is only 2 years old but I will surely need to remove some of the Drosera after this season as its' growth far outpaces the Sarracenia.  The Sarracenia is seed grown from ICPS seed.dscf0017.jpg

Sarracenia 'Dixie Lace'.  If you don't have a S. psittacina hybrid or cultivar you need one.  There's nothing like them.  I will update this post as these pitchers develop but its obvious already how gorgeous this plant is.


Sarracenia oreophila x moorei (S. leucophylla x S. flava).  These young pitchers will become very "bronzey".  The picturesque form of the pitcher is amazing.


An assortment of Sarracenia planted in an undrained container.  S. flava 'Maxima', S. leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek', and S. oreophila x moorei.dscf0023.jpg

"Mini Bogs" consisting of mixed Sarracenia and Drosera species.  Very attractive.dscf0050.jpg

Sarracenia 'Plum'.  I bought this plant as a large, dormant rhizome last fall.  It is looking VERY promising.  I'll post updates on how the coloration progresses.