Monster Blooms!!!!!

Butterworts make beautiful displays of flowers but, sometimes they really outdo themselves.  Cultivars are often selected specifically for the abundance and size of their flowers.  As well, species planted in groups can be equally impressive.  I have some nice examples happening now.  See for yourself the beauty...


Pinguicula 'Aphrodite'

One of the largest Butterwort flowers!  Combine these flowers with its' unique long, red, leaves and it is an all time classic Butterwort! 


Pinguicula esseriana

Multiple plants making an epic display for this small but, lovable species.  Once established this species may readily divide, providing such a display.


Pinguicula 'Pirouette'

This amazing clump of P. 'Pirouette', clustered in a 2.5" pot, has 6 crowns.  It currently has 12 flowers blooming, 5 developing flowers and 6 aged flowers that I removed before this photo.  That's 23 flowers in a period of a few months.