online carnivorous plant sale When will my plant arrive?

We use USPS priority mail shipping, guaranteed to arrive anywhere in the USA within 3 business days. We ship plants Monday through Wednesday to most states. We will ship Thursdays to customers in California.

What do I need ahead of time to be prepared for my plants when they arrive?

Your plant will arrive in a plastic bag, wrapped in moss inside a paper towel with no soil or pot.  The reason your plant will be without soil or pot is because Carnivorous Plants are light weight and delicate. Imagine an egg strapped to a bowling ball.  That is what a potted Carnivorous Plant is like.  Our goal is for your plant to arrive in the best condition possible. You will need water, the Carnivorous Plant soil of your choice and a pot with a tray ready to go.

How big will my plant be?

Carnivorous Plants vary greatly in size when fully grown. A young Nepenthes is bigger than most other Carnivorous Plants when they're fully mature. How big your plant will be is dependent on how big that specific plant is at maturity. Different species grow to different sizes. You will receive a plant that is near maturity and ready to grow. Specimen plants are available from time to time which are mature plants 4+ years old.

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