Drosera 'Hercules' is a cultivar of a cross between D. capensis alba and D. aliciae.  It is a very attractive and robust plant sure to outgrow its pot. It sprouts plants from any root that  escapes the pot through the drainage holes. 

Note: If you have purchased D. capensis alba x D. aliciae from us in the past you should relabel your plant D. 'Hercules'.

Check out the recent article about it!

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Drosera Hercules

What a wonderful plant! It arrived quickly and packed in chopped sphagnum moss. I’ve had it for about a month now and it’s been growing well! I can’t wait for it to be restocked and purchase more!

Vigorous, easy grower

This is an exciting, fast-growing hybrid. Mine settled in quickly and barely skipped a beat. A must-have for sundew collectors and beginners alike.

Drosera demigod

Blown away by the size I received. Huge leaf blades, super healthy. Already growing vigorously. True to the name. Thanks!