In a nutshell

At Carnivore Culture, it is our ultimate goal to provide our valued clients with the best selection of high quality carnivorous plants and seeds in the U.S. Though we focus on sticky-leaved carnivores, we sell many other types of carnivorous plants for all to enjoy. Above all, we aim to educate and inspire carnivorous plants enthusiasts from beginners to avid collectors. It is indeed in our company’s culture to share our knowledge and passion of carnivorous plants with others.

4 Reasons carnivorous plants enthusiasts choose Carnivore Culture

carnivore plants for sale usaQuality: Beautiful, strong, and healthy plants grown by us and specifically handpicked for each order.

Price: Great pricing so that everyone can afford to buy carnivorous plants, including special wholesale deals for nurseries and occasional promo codes.

Shipping: Plants packaged properly and carefully then shipped to your location in a timely manner. Guaranteed live plants upon arrival to your home or office.

Resources: Answer to any questions related to carnivorous plants from best growing techniques based on your region to expert tips on how to heal a plant.

What sets us apart from other carnivorous plants growers

We are a small nursery with over 15 years of experience. We might be small but with have a great amount of passion in what we do. We feel fortunate to work in a job that we love. Growing carnivorous plants for sale to other enthusiasts is indeed very satisfying. We love the positive comments and kind words from our customers. It truly means a lot to us. Every day, we search for new ways to improve on our growing techniques while staying true to ourselves and our proven methods. We continually attend and participate in conferences and trade-shows for the carnivorous plants industry. By doing so, we stay abreast of new findings. One of our goals (we have many) is to cultivate every species of the genus Drosera.

Really... why us?

Because we are nice, we care, and we love carnivorous plants just like you do.


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