About the company

information about carnivorous plantsCarnivore Culture is a nursery with big ambitions.  In the last 10 years people's awareness of Carnivorous Plants has grown increasingly.  So has the availability of Carnivorous Plants.  Carnivore Culture supports these trends by providing an ever increasing variety of Carnivorous Plants and by promoting the values of Carnivorous Plants such as: biological insect control, bio engineering, and inspiring children to pursue science. 

About the founder - Matt Byers

Carnivore Culture was started by Carnivorous Plant fanatic Matt Byers, who developed a love for plants at an early age! His grandparents taught him to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables. He has always been an avid gardener even before he discovered carnivores, growing countless different fruits and vegetables.

Matt has been growing and propagating carnivorous plants for nearly 15 years. His obsession started one fateful day when he drove past California Carnivores. He was drawn by their beauty, complexity, and diversity. He has been growing carnivorous plants ever since. He hopes to one day cultivate every species of the genus Drosera.

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Born in San Diego, Matt has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995. He has a formal education in the Culinary Arts, and worked as a baker for 6 years. A member of the BACPS, you can find him in attendance at their educational meetings. You may also find him skimboarding at Baker Beach or in Bodega Bay, or perhaps fishing off a pier in San Francisco Bay.

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Fun Fact

"There are over a quarter of a million species of flowering plants. Of these, only around 630 are known to be carnivorous."